Italian brand N°21 (Numero Ventuno) was founded in 2010 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua, and his new fashion adventure, based on his great knowledge of knitwear, among others, became an instant worldwide success. In case you just asked yourself why 21, the answer is as simple as because it’s Alessandro’s lucky number and his day of birth. The collections, presented twice a year during Milan Fashion Week, are created for a modern woman who knows “that a masculine touch makes for an alluring attitude”. N°21 stands for feminine silhouettes with cuts, fabrics, details and style tips, inspired by and borrowed from male wardrobe. Up-to-date and unique ready-to-wear with unexpected detailing, sexy spin and fresh sophisticated energy you can perceive from every garment. The N°21’s ever-growing fan list, including both Italian and international celebrities, fashion editors and influencers, proves that there are many of us who fully agree with Alessandro Dell'Acqua, who believes that femininity can be anything a woman wants it to be.